Ultrasonic Sensors

Next step was to add more sensors to the robot – for this I chose the UltraBorg (again from PiBorg) which allows you to control servos and ultrasonic sensors

I drilled some holes in my acrylic sheet and mounted two sensors at the front and one at the rear and connected them up to the UltraBorg


Chassis Improvements

Next I cut out some black acrylic sheet which slides nicely into the MakerBeam beams to fill in the front, back and sides of the robot chassis


I then created some motor guards for the bottom of the chassis to protect the motors and motor wiring using some more perforated metal sheet


For the top (lid) of the chassis I cut to size a piece of aluminium sheet in which I drilled a hole to fit the power switch



For the chassis of my new larger robot I chose to use MakerBeam which is a fantastic product construction kit designed for prototyping and building models (like meccano for adults!) – it consists of aluminium beams and various different fixings to allow you to easily build just about anything – it is also very strong and lightweight so ideal for my robot chassis

For UK readers I highly recommend Technobots as a supplier for MakerBeam

For the base of the chassis I chose some perforated metal sheets – again purchased from Technobots – as the holes would be perfect for mounting the Pi and all other electronics

I want a bigger one!!

After several days of playing around with my DiddyBorg and trying out all the great software and the web interface that PiBorg supply I decided that I wanted something bigger – having been inspired by the monster robot (tank) that PiBorg created called the DoodleBorg