Raspberry Pi Cases

Turns out that MakerBeam is also great for making your own Raspberry Pi cases when you can’t quite find an off-the-shelf case which fits your needs


You can cut some perspex/acrylic sheet to size and slide it between the beams to make the sides – 3mm fits perfectly in the gap in the makerbeam beams

Or you can cut some aluminium sheet to size and attach it using makerbeam bolts, dome nuts or wing nuts for quick access/removal


This model was designed to go outside in my hedgehog box to capture images/videos and so I can view them remotely – the case is larger as it also holds various sensors to detect temperature, humidity and air pressure as well as having an external goose neck mounted night vision camera with IR lights for night time images



  1. Hi,

    may I use (link and post a photo) of your great robot on my makerbeam site (www.constract.at)? I want to create a usecase site for the makerbeams.

    Thanks a lot!


  2. Hello!
    I plan on making a similar robot like what you’re doing. I would love to get a contact or advice when I get to certain parts. Please let me know!

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