List of parts used so far

Chassis  –

Floor / Motor Guards –

Wheels –

Top/Lid = cut to size aluminum –

PiBorg Reverse –

PiBorg BattBorg –

PiBorg UltraBorg and 4x HC-SR04 ultrasonic modules –

Raspberry Pi 2 –

Raspberry Pi Camera –

Wireless Dongle –

Bluetooth Dongle –

6 x 12v 100 RPM motors =



  1. What dimensions have you used for the frame? This is exactly what I have been looking for to kickstart my robot off.

    1. Hi, the base is made from 200mm and 300mm beams – the sides are made from 40mm beams – all joined using corner cubes

      Any further questions please feel free to ask 🙂

  2. Have you got a video of it moving around? How does it fare without suspension? And is it still powered using AA batteries, how long do they last?

    1. At the moment yes it is still powered by AA batteries, but they don’t last that long – eventually it will be running using a larger capacity battery and the PiJuice from Kickstarter (when it eventually ships!) so will have solar panel for charging as well

      I only have a very short video of it moving around my floor indoors – I will upload it and post link shortly

      It moves well though even without suspension it climbs over steps and a rockery without issues

  3. Hi,
    Frame is exactly what i want for my solar powered autonomous lawnmower. Would you mind telling me exacly what you purchased for the frame? Like:
    x4 300mm beams
    x6 200mm beams
    x6 40mm beams
    x? corner cubes
    x? joint plates
    How did you clamp the motors?
    All of this would be handy to know.

    1. Hi

      The frame is made up of 4 x 300mm, 9 x 200mm, 6 x 40mm, 8 corner cubes and various strengthening plates to make it more rigid. For motors basically on bottom I have 6 x 200mm beams, two for each pair of motors and the mounts which are similar to these are fixed using screws directly to the beams. Hope this helps

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