What next?

Over the coming weeks/months this is what I would like to achieve – unfortunately work has got in the way recently!!

  • Add a robotic arm/gripper so I can pick up and carry items
  • Add Knight Rider style lights to the front – not very functional I know but will look cool (and I grew up loving KITT as a child!)
  • Create Python app (or web interface) to show webcam view, allow control of robot and to show ultrasonic sensor readings
  • Improve code so when sensors detect an obstacle it can stop or manoeuvre round it
  • Write some code to make it autonomous, so it can explore house/garden and find its own way around
  • Add the ability for the robot to speak and to do speech recognition
  • Make more use of the camera so it can recognize items or even do facial recognition
  • I would also like to make use of the PiJuice which I have backed through Kickstarter to add an alternative power source with rechargeable battery and a solar panel so that the robot can recharge itself



  1. ‘Write some code to make it autonomous, so it can explore house/garden and find its own way around’

    Hi Admin,

    I am undertaking a R Pi project with a DiddyBorg and am looking to find/create code that fits the description above.

    As I am very new to coding, I was wondering if you would be able to share the code you used for autonomous movement.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  2. Hi George

    I would be quite happy to share my code – but as of yet I don’t really have anything to share

    Unfortunately work has got in the way of me working on this project so haven’t got round to doing any more coding for it for a while now

    Hoping to get back into it soon and will update this blog when I get it working autonomously

    Good luck with your project – let me know how you get on

  3. Does it actually move? The base doesn’t look right. The wheels look like they would give you too much traction to turn on the spot.

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